EasyPac Commercial Riser Assemblies 1-1/4″ – 8″ (DN32 – DN200)

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Viking EasyPac Commercial Riser Manifold Assemblies are available in sizes 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” for commercial systems. They are available with an AGF TESTanDRAIN valve, and/or pressure relief valve (PRV) to meet NFPA 13 requirements for gridded systems and any system requiring a pressure relief valve. This configuration eliminates the need to drain the system before installing the relief valve, while a built in test port allows hydrostatic testing without draining the system.

EasyPac Commercial Assemblies are designed with all required equipment and standard components that can be replaced in the field, including pressure gauges, Potter flow switches, 3-way gauge control valve and appropriate drain valve. All assemblies are available in grooved inlet and outlet connections 1-1/4”-8” using Schedule 10 steel pipe. The 1-1/4” to 2” assemblies are also available with male NPT threaded inlets and outlets, or threaded inlets x grooved outlets using Schedule 40 steel pipe.




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