Fluoroprotein Foam FP 3-C6

Reference: FP 3-C6
Fluoroprotein Foam FP 3-C6
HD FP 3-C6 is based on protein material, which gives good sealing and excellent burn back resistance. The spreading of the foam is improved by incorporating new generation C6 based fluorinated surfactant in the formulation without affecting heat stability. HD FP 3-C6 is formulated with hydrolysed protein, C6 based fluorinated surfactants, metal salts, special stabilizers and preservatives to give best performance and satisfactory storage. It is highly reliable, cost effective and efficient on massive hydro-carbon fires. It gives resistance to fuel pickup and is suitable for sub-surface applications. HD FP 3-C6 is suitable for long pre-burn fires on Petroleum Tank Farm fires, Oil Jetties, Refineries and Offshore oil platforms. HD FP 3-C6 is intended for use at 3% solution in fresh, sea/salt or hard water.

HD Fire Protect.


Product Catalogue (AFFF 3-C6)

Product Catalogue (AFFF 3F-C6)


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FM Approval Certificate

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