VK530 – ELO Upright Sprinkler (Storage-Density/Area) (K11.2)

Reference: VK530-ELO

The Viking Standard Response ELO Upright Sprinkler VK530 is a thermosensitive glass bulb spray sprinkler available in several different finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements.  The extra-large orifice provides greater flows at lower pressures than standard orifice or large orifice sprinklers. This feature allows reduced pipe sizing for hydraulically calculated sprinkler systems, which require high densities of water.  Viking Standard Response Extra-Large Orifice Sprinklers may eliminate the need for a fire pump or reduce the size of the pump if it is required. On existing systems, replacing large orifice sprinklers with extra-large orifice sprinklers may provide the higher densities required to allow an increase in the hazard classification of an occupancy.




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