VK547, VK548, VK549 – Quick Response Dry Pendent ELO Sprinklers (K11.2)

Reference: VK547-548-549-Quick-Response

Viking Quick Response Dry Pendent Extra-Large Orifice (ELO) Sprinklers are thermosensitive spray sprinklers suitable for use in areas subject to freezing.  These dry pendent ELO sprinklers are FM Approved for storage and non-storage applications. In certain FM cold storage installations, the dry ELO sprinklers can provide a design advantage with lower overall water demands. In these applications, the dry ELO must be installed on a wet pipe system, per FM data sheet 8-9.  In non-storage applications, when used in dry or preaction systems, the sprinklers are designed to prevent water or condensation from entering the drop nipple before the sprinkler operates. Viking Standard Response Dry Pendent ELO Sprinklers are available in various finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements.  Refer to technical data sheet for design and installation requirements.




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