AFFF 3FZ-C6 Low Temperature Foam

Reference: AFFF 3FZ-C6
AFFF 3FZ-C6 Low Temperature Foam
HD AFFF 3FZ-C6 is a synthetic Aqueous Film Forming Foam concentrate, specially formulated with new generation C6-based fluorinated surfactants, which are environmentally safer. It is suitable for storage and use at low temperature up to -18°C (0°F). But during the use one needs to ensure that water is made flowable by using anti-freezing agent. HD AFFF 3FZ-C6 is formulated with C6 based fluorinated surfactants, hydrocarbon surfactants and solvents. It produces a thin yet strong film on Hydrocarbon fuel surface, sealing the surface and preventing fuel vapour release. The foam spreads rapidly on fuel surface due to positive spreading provided by fluoro-surfactants while the foam blanket excludes oxygen from the fuel surface and provides cooling effect leading to fast flame knockdown and extinguishment. HD AFFF 3FZ-C6 is intended for use at 3% solution in fresh, sea/salt or hard water.

HD Fire Protect.


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Product Catalogue (AFFF 3F-C6)


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