Model E-2 Deluge Valve Halar® Coated Angle Style 2″ (DN50), 3″ (DN80) – 6″ (DN150)

Reference: Model-E-2-Deluge-Valve-2-DN50-3-DN80-6-DN150

Viking Deluge Valves are quick opening, differential diaphragm flood valves with one moving part. The Viking Model E-2 Halar® Coated Deluge Valve is identical to the Viking Model E-1 Deluge Valve, except the Model E-2 is manufactured with specially coated components. The body and cover of the Model E-2 Deluge Valve is coated inside and outside with Halar® Coating consisting of ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE). The coating makes the valve suitable for use in corrosive environments similar to those found on offshore platforms and many industrial chemical facilities.




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