Standard Response Dry Pendent ELO Sprinklers

Reference: Standard-Response-Dry-ELO

Viking Dry Extra-Large Orifice (ELO) Pendent Sprinklers are FM Approved for both storage and non-storage applications subject to freezing. With a K-factor of 11.2 (161) these sprinklers may allow for a reduced overall water demand in many cold storage applications, particularly where ceiling heights are 35 ft (10,5 m) and below (must be installed on wet-pipe systems). By reducing water supply requirements, Viking Dry ELO sprinklers can help lower water system costs by possibly eliminating the need for a fire pump and reducing the size of system piping and related components.

These dry ELO sprinklers are approved for a wide variety of applications including “ceiling only” protection of freezers and refrigerated warehouses, as well as protection of non-storage facilities.  Featuring a fusible link operating element, dry ELO sprinklers are a good fit for the food processing industry.  Each model is available in 165°F, 205°F, and 280°F temperature ratings (74°C, 96°C, and 138°C), with the higher temperature-rated sprinklers able to better accommodate defrost cycles that are typically part of the regular maintenance schedule for coolers and freezers. Viking dry ELO sprinklers are offered in both standard and quick response and in three styles; plain barrel, standard adjustable, and recessed adjustable.

(Note: 1-1/4″ barrel and thread size requires a 1-1/4″ tee.)




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